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Alyana Vera

Alyana has always had a passion for keeping up with current events, sharing her opinions and mindset, and contributing to a group effort. Her twin sister would describe her as a strong individual: in mind, spirit, and physical prowess. She’s the go-to sister for bottle-opening.

In her free time she’s part of Leaders of Tomorrow, the AMSA cross country team, track and field, and drama club.

Her extracurriculars manifest themselves in her everyday life--her dynamic facial expressions are reminiscent of an actress on stage who stepped on a thumbtack; she shows a caring and giving personality when she buys her friends snacks; and shows off her perseverance and stamina when confronting challenges like annotating eight chapters in one period. But most prominent among her traits are her willingness to boost voices, spread the truth, and encourage speaking up. Through her work for The AMSA Voice, alongside her fellow writers, she hopes to encompass these principles (and live up to this biography).

Alyana has strong feelings about intersectional feminism and diversity in media. Her interests include media analysis and comic books, with some of her favorite titles being Ms. Marvel, Young Avengers, Runaways and Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run. One of Alyana’s key beliefs is that media influences the way we think about others, ourselves, and the world and that it is a writer's responsibility to keep this in mind.

You will probably catch Alyana gushing about how cool it is that a woman officially took up the mantle of Thor or complaining about how we are getting another Peter Parker movie.

Alyana Vera, Co-opinion editor

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