The AMSA Voice

Emma Cohen

Emma is a junior, writing for The AMSA Voice for the first time. She hopes she will be able to grow as a writer in this new environment and make valuable contributions to the paper. Attending AMSA since 6th grade, Emma has become involved with various clubs and activities such as NHS, drama, and this year is serving as the AMSA JCL president. She has also been a Girl Scout for 11 years and is working toward earning her Gold Award and participates in various community service activities.

Outside of school, Emma enjoys pursuing her creative spark. When she isn’t doing homework or planning club meetings, she is creating acrylic paintings and developing her photography skills. She is inspired to paint by the scenery of growing up in the northeast and by literature and songs. Emma is never without one or several books and it isn’t unusual to find her spending the weekend under a pile of blankets finishing a novel or two. Reading different genres and exploring works old and new has expanded her horizons and encouraged her to see the world in new ways. She hopes to one day finish a novel that allows others to be changed in a way that many books have shaped her.

Emma Cohen, Co-editor

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