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Lillie Zate
Lillie is a senior and has been at AMSA since 6th grade. This is her first year writing for the newspaper. She has always had a strong passion for creative writing and the arts, and has a very broad imagination which helps her write and come up with ideas. With a collection of more than 300 books in various genres, she is constantly reading, which has helped widen her interest in and understanding of the world.

Although she loves creative writing and music, in college Lillie hopes to pursue a career in criminology, psychology, and criminal justice. She has always found the study 0f criminals very fascinating, whether it be from watching documentaries or reading up on the latest crime news. She is also planning on continuing writing in college, as she is not willing to give up a passion that she has had since she was in elementary school.

Lillie spends most of her free time reading, spending time with friends, kickboxing, or playing the violin, which she has played since she was 9. Since then, she has also picked up the cello and the piano; however, violin remains her main focus. Since she started playing music, Lillie has fallen in love with it, and is hoping to continue to pursue music as a hobby throughout college and the rest of her life.

Lillie is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of journalism through writing for The AMSA Voice, and improving her writing skills.

Lillie Zate, Features editor

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