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Nick Faber
As a senior writing for the newspaper for the first and last time, Nick wishes to better his writing skills through journalism and not simply academic essays. After attending AMSA since 6th grade, Nick has made strides in making a name for himself in the school's community.

His first achievement was making the middle school soccer team. Nick spent the next two years focused on academics and then decided to try out for the lacrosse team as a freshman. After a year on the junior varsity team he spent the following two on the varsity, with the team qualifying for the playoffs the second year.

Even before coming to AMSA, Nick had a big interest in anything to do with computers, especially software and coding. This passion has been a guide in the courses that he takes, and he hopes to attend college and turn his passion into a career. 

Nick Faber, Staff writer

Dec 11, 2018
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