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Raphael Cohen

Raphael is a senior fascinated by innovations across many different fields of studies. He enjoys using computer technology to enhance the language of storytelling and finds it an exciting way to reach people.

He avidly follows politics and global events. He is troubled by ever-present stories of injustice and suffering saturating the news. He strives to commit himself to social justice and initiatives to help others.

Outside of school, he works as a songleader and teacher for children in grades K to 7, at local synagogues. In his free time, Raphael can often be found playing guitar, coding his computer, and pursuing his other interests including cycling, genealogy, and Ultimate Frisbee.

Raphael firmly believes that responsible journalism is a staple of a stable democracy. This means asking challenging questions, listening to all voices, and ensuring accurate reporting. He hopes to help bring this to The AMSA Voice.

Raphael Cohen, Co-opinion editor

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