The AMSA Voice

Coretta Granberry

Coretta is a senior and is in her second year writing for The AMSA Voice. Last year she served as the photo editor, and this year finds her as co-editor, leading the staff. She enjoys informing the school community of news on local and global levels.

Outside of school, Coretta is very busy working and volunteering at an animal shelter. She has a deep passion for animals and wildlife conservation. She hopes to study marine biology and environmental science in college.

In her free time, Coretta likes to listen to music, read books, and hang out with her friends and family. You can usually find her at the library studying, at home FaceTiming with her friends, or singing Beyoncé songs off key. She is looking forward to her time on staff and hopes to contribute positively to the team.

Coretta Granberry, Co-editor

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