The AMSA Voice

Mourning a senior year lost

AMSA sits empty and seniors see their final high school year quietly fading away.

By Meaghan McDonald, Photo editor

April 30, 2020

How long has it even been since we left school?  How much time do we have left?  Although these questions run through the mind of every AMSA student, the future is even more uncertain for the senior class. One of the few questions that has been answered is AMSA will remain closed for the r...

The day the Earth stood still

In a month-and-a-half, subway platforms and city streets have become deserted amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

By Connor Woodsmall, Co-editor

April 27, 2020

When we all woke up on the morning of March 11, nothing felt out of the ordinary. Sure, there were rumblings about COVID-19, a novel strain of coronavirus, potentially postponing or canceling major sporting events and perhaps even shutting down schools, but these were all rumors. The effects of the ...

The wealthy flat-out stole college spots for their undeserving children

The college bribery scandal extended even to the halls of Stanford University.

By Kimsoo Gopnik, Photo editor

April 24, 2019

Hard-working and determined students. Students who work their tails off to have any hope of getting into a good college. These are the students who should be getting a solid higher education. But maybe they don’t have the financial support they need. Maybe their applications just don’t stand out eno...

We care way too much about where we go to college

Middlebury College in Vermont is among the author's college choices.

By Emma Cohen, Editor in chief

March 20, 2019

It’s often the first question high school seniors are faced with when they meet someone for the first time: “So where are you going to college?” Besides the fact that the question gets old, there is a bigger problem --  the way people react when we name a school that isn’t a top-ranked...

The senior capstone project was an opportunity lost

Alex Joseph, second from right, is working with Robert Coakley, second from left, on a short film for his capstone project. Also pictured are Jack Denson, far left, and Zach Pouliot, far right.

By Lillie Zate, Features editor

February 13, 2019

AMSA students have always had full plates. Many classes, loads of homework, even a longer school day than most other schools. AMSA upperclassmen juggle advanced courses, after-school activities, and even part-time jobs while still trying to make time for themselves. In the face of all this came a new graduatio...

Lunch is the worst part of AMSA

A baked potato counts as lunch -- with broccoli substituted for ground beef in the vegetarian option.

By Keerthi Balaji, Staff writer

January 24, 2019

Want a flavorful and filling meal? Then don’t buy AMSA’s school lunches. It might just be the worst part about the school. These “meals” are unhealthy, bland, and disgusting. They are overpriced, undersized, and generally so bad that it is impossible to eat a whole portion. For someone li...

That ‘invasion’ of migrants? Just call it ‘fake news’

Many Americans are open to the idea of welcoming migrants fleeing persecution and violence in their home countries.

By Nick Faber, Staff writer

December 11, 2018

They flee from the persecution, they flee from the poverty, and they flee from the violence of their own countries. They are the migrant caravan, and they want safety. And I say let them in. The bulk of the latest group of migrants recently reached the U.S.-Mexico border. But with recent tweet...

Obligated to Truth