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Breaking the scientific glass ceiling

By Rebecca Perlin, Senior writer

According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, which studies the presence (or lack thereof) of women in the science-technology-engineering-math (STEM) realm, women made up only 13 percent of engineers in the workforce, and 25 percent in computer and mathematical science occupations, in 2014. ...  Read More »

April 26, 2016 • 0 comments

Study hall changes: no big deal if rules aren’t enforced

March 31, 2016

At the beginning of January, new rules were implemented in AMSA study halls. These included a call to...  Read More »

How can so many students be so culturally insensitive?

March 27, 2016

One idea for a good time: pretending to be pregnant, wearing gold chains around the neck with hair braided...  Read More »

Kasich clings to role as GOP ‘adult in the room’

March 22, 2016

Last week could have been the end of Gov. John Kasich’s presidential campaign if not for a decisive ...  Read More »

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Clinton clearly won debate, and Trump reinforced why he is unfit

By Steven Richardson, Senior writer

It was quite clear that Hillary Clinton won Monday night’s presidential debate. I’m sure many tuned into the debate to watch Donald J. Trump’s antics, and his campaign has been thriving on his ...  Read More »

September 30, 2016 • 0 comments

Banning students from ceremony was the right decision

June 10, 2016

On May 24, a large number of AMSA seniors attended a house party to celebrate their last day of high school. The community now...  Read More »

FBI is wrong in its demands to Apple

March 14, 2016

The ongoing dispute between Apple and the FBI concerns an individual iPhone. Overriding its encryption in a quest to find potentially...  Read More »

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Eternal Agony

By Steven Richardson, Cartoonist

March 27, 2016 • 0 comments

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The West must come together to combat terror

By Cassandra Xavier, Co-editor

The face of terrorism is becoming increasingly visible and what’s emerging is ugly. In the past three years, the Western world has suffered through five major terrorist attacks perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists. Two...  Read More »

March 30, 2016 • 0 comments

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UConn women: Too good for their own good?

By Nick Sousa, Staff writer

There is no doubting the talent of the University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball program. The Huskies won their fourth straight NCAA championship three weeks ago, crushing Syracuse by 31 points in the title game. Surprising? Hardly. UConn has won 75 consecutive games and no opponent through a 38-...  Read More »

April 28, 2016 • 0 comments

Critics of UConn’s success are missing the point

April 28, 2016

Honestly, female athletes can’t seem to get a break. It seems like our continued presence and dom...  Read More »

For Patriots, it’s wait ’til next year

February 23, 2016

Now what? Another NFL season is gone and every team, save for the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos,...  Read More »

Brady and Manning, one more time

January 22, 2016

The greatest rivalry in the NFL will likely see its final matchup Sunday. It’s not, of course, New...  Read More »

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  • Friday, April 8

    Boys Varsity Track

    AMSA 64 - Innovation Academy 72

  • Friday, April 8

    Girls Varsity Track

    AMSA 99 - Innovation Academy 35

  • Tuesday, February 9

    Boys Varsity Basketball

    AMSA 65 - South Lancaster 60

  • Wednesday, February 3

    Girls Varsity Basketball

    AMSA 30 - Assabet 48

  • Wednesday, January 20

    Boys Varsity Basketball

    AMSA 47 - Blackstone Millville 36

  • Tuesday, January 19

    Girls Varsity Basketball

    AMSA 40 - Assabet 35

  • Tuesday, January 19

    Boys Varsity Basketball

    AMSA 52 - Assabet 89

  • Friday, January 15

    Girls Varsity Basketball

    AMSA 33 - Abby Kelley 29

  • Wednesday, January 13

    Boys Varsity Basketball

    AMSA 40 - Main South 54

  • Wednesday, January 13

    Girls Varsity Basketball

    AMSA 38 - Claremont Academy 51

On this day …

In 42 BC, the forces of Mark Antony and Octavius Caesar defeated those of Brutus and Cassius at the Battle of Philippi. In 1849, author Edgar Allan Poe was found delirous in a gutter in Baltimore; i...  Read More »

October 3, 2016 • 0 comments

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In Brief

Trio sets four school records

By Staff reports

Freshman Megan Scott and sophomore Hannah Black each set school records on Friday to lead AMSA's girls varsity track...  Read More »

April 13, 2016 • 0 comments

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Obligated to Truth
Obligated to Truth