The AMSA Voice

2017-2018 Staff

Amelia Marceau


Amelia is a senior. She has a great interest in writing and is excited to be a journalist and co-editor for the The AMSA Voice. Amelia has attended AMSA since 6th grade and has been deeply involved in...

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Emma Cohen


Emma is a junior, writing for The AMSA Voice for the first time. She hopes she will be able to grow as a writer in this new environment and make valuable contributions to the paper. Attending AMSA si...

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Kate Longinova

Senior writer

Kate is a junior. She loves writing and has done lots of it, especially short stories and poetry in both Russian and English. She looks up to many famous novelists and aspires to one day have he...

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Christina Bibinski

Opinion editor

Christina, now a senior, seeks to further her writing abilities this year as a staff writer for The AMSA Voice. Although she aspires to have a career in the medical field as a dermatologist, she understands th...

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Richard Chang

Features editor

Richard Chang is a senior who has been at AMSA since 6th grade. He is interested in pursuing English and journalism in college. He lives with his parents, younger brother, and pet basset hound in Ma...

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Adrian Jimenez-Lara

Photo editor

Adrian Jimenez-Lara is a senior who is very excited to be the photo editor for The Voice. He gives his all during the school week doing homework and helping his siblings. In his free time, he plays ...

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Amrit Padhi

Sports editor

Amrit is a senior who has been at AMSA since the 6th grade. With a passion for business and finance, Amrit hopes to pursue these majors at the college level. Although born in California, Amrit considers Ne...

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Christopher Saunders

Entertainment editor

Chris is a senior and has attended AMSA since 6th grade. He joined The AMSA Voice in hopes of getting some writing experience (in any form) under his belt before college. Chris has had a passion for wr...

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Annie Higgins

Staff writer

Annie Higgins is a senior. When she was first in one of Mr. Smyth’s classes, Annie was the only sophomore in a class of seniors in his Literature to Film course. This is her first time taking Journalism, an...

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Yahritzaliz Ortiz-Zayas

Staff writer

Yahritzaliz is a senior. She usually spends her time at home reading books she buys or that are given to her. She also loves spending time with her volleyball team on and off the court. She often li...

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Griffin Palefsky

Staff writer

Griffin is currently a senior, and he hopes to enjoy his last year at AMSA. Griffin has a deep love and passion for theater and the arts, and this has been demonstrated through his time in the AMSA dr...

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Arthur Pimentel

Staff writer

Arthur is a sophomore, and has been at AMSA since 6th grade. He loves playing sports, especially basketball. He has been playing basketball since age 5 and he hopes to play for the school’s varsity te...

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Cooper Sandford

Staff writer

Cooper has been a student at AMSA since 6th grade. Cooper is a staff writer for The AMSA Voice, and loves to write for the sports section. He plays basketball and runs cross country and track for th...

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Broderick Sartor

Staff writer

Broderick is a sophomore who has attended AMSA since 6th grade. He is currently playing for the varsity lacrosse team as well as the junior varsity soccer team. He also has a passion for writing about th...

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Matt Sprague

Staff writer

Matt is a sophomore who would like to continue practicing journalism skills throughout high school. Being one of the smallest members of the AMSA-Assabet wrestling team, Matt relies on his passion an...

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Timmy Wang

Staff writer

Timmy is a sophomore and has attended AMSA since 6th grade. He enjoys playing baseball and basketball. Timmy’s biggest passion is baseball, which has meant the world to him since he was 9. His su...

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Connor Woodsmall

Staff writer

Connor is a sophomore. He has been attending AMSA since 6th grade and enjoys the challenge with which the school provides him. Connor took up journalism in order to share his ideas and thoughts to a ...

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Marzuq Iqbal

Staff writer

Marzuq is a freshman in his second year at AMSA. He has taken a particular interest in politics over the past few years. In hopes of furthering his understanding of politics, Marzuq will write for Th...

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Ash Lubin

Staff writer

Ash is a freshman who has been at AMSA since 6th grade. He is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, as well as a part of the spectrum. He is transgender and has been struggling with it his whole life,...

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Steven Smyth

Executive editor

Mr. Smyth, an English teacher at AMSA for the past seven years, is The AMSA Voice adviser and executive editor. He currently teaches Journalism, AP Language and Composition, American Literature, Shakespeare...

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