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Connor Woodsmall
Connor is a senior. He has been attending AMSA since 6th grade and is looking forward to moving into college. This is Connor’s second year writing for The AMSA Voice. After a year off, Connor decided he wanted to come back and contribute for one more year, considering he greatly enjoyed the experience. 

Connor has a passion for sports, specifically football and basketball. This stems from his highly competitive nature that makes him want to succeed in everything he does. He has played nearly every sport, but has focused on swimming, basketball, and track. Connor’s love for sports is reflected in his writing, as the majority of his articles have focused on the sporting realm. 

Connor’s favorite subjects in school are history and English. His goal is to become a lawyer and his dream is to become a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Connor is also interested in writing for his future college’s newspaper and has not ruled out potentially working as a freelance writer in addition to whatever occupation he finds himself in. 

Connor Woodsmall, Co-editor

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