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Nathan Richardson

Nathan Richardson is a truly talented and gifted individual. He has been a student at AMSA since 8th grade. He is now a senior and still does not really know what he wants to do or know where he wants to go to college.

He is the features editor and film critic for The AMSA Voice. He has always loved movies, but his love has really grown since middle school and he has written film reviews in past years before becoming the features editor.

Nathan has even made a few short films with his brother, Steven. In addition to film, Nathan loves many other types of art, including drawing and painting. Nathan also enjoys sports and he is the starting right fielder on AMSA's varsity baseball team.

In addition to film, art, and sports, Nathan loves to eat and sleep. His favorite food is steak and he likes it rare. That is the truth about Nathan, and finding the truth is The AMSA Voice's main goal and our staff, led by the great Mr. Smyth, will stick to it.

Nathan Richardson, Features Editor

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Obligated to Truth
Nathan Richardson