Rewind the song of the day (or maybe just hit the stop button)


Jim Summaria/Wikimedia Commons-Creative Commons license

The Who performing in Chicago in 1975.

We’ve all heard the song of the day. A nice song played every morning before first period, to ease us into our day with a smile. Or at least that’s what the school administration had in mind. In reality the song of the day is just forcing students to listen to overplayed, generic, and outdated music every morning.

Students are already tired and lethargic in the morning; the last thing they want to hear is some overplayed song resonating around them as they transition to begin their day of “fun.” It would be one thing if the students got to pick some of the songs, but they are all chosen by the teachers.

People these days have such a personalized and underground taste in music that it is incredibly difficult to find even one song that an entire student body can agree on. I recently took a poll of 30 students and only six said they like the idea of playing music before first period.

The song of the day is simply an unnecessary part of the schedule, and is more a distraction than a pleasure.

Furthermore, the alleged reason we got rid of our old school bell was because certain students thought it was too harsh and they developed anxiety when they heard it.

How is playing old-school rock music across the intercom any different or any more soothing than having a normal school bell ring between periods? If anything, playing that kind of music will be worse. It just doesn’t make sense.

I believe that the song of the day has potential; however it is being executed rather poorly. Like many of the ideas AMSA administrators have had in the past, they throw it out there and as soon as they realize it is not working they get rid of it or change it—senior privileges, winter pep rallies, sports scores on the announcements, a consistent uniform policy, and the locks on the lockers.

Many of these are good ideas that just need a little more thought put into them. Instead of abandoning or overhauling a new idea every time it doesn’t work out, there should be more effort put into actually developing the idea to be agreed upon by the students as well as the teachers.

It made sense during spirit week, when they played songs that referenced each grade’s color. But what is the purpose of doing it every day? What are they trying to accomplish?

AMSA demands to be taken seriously as an academic institution but then does things like the song of the day which, quite frankly, lower its image.

Walking out of homeroom every morning I hear nothing but complaints from students about how annoying the song they are playing is and how nobody wants to hear it. Even on Halloween when they played music during transition time I would hear students complaining about how cheesy the music was.

I agree that there needs to be more school spirit. But playing music selected by teachers every morning is not going to accomplish that.

After sitting in homeroom like zombies, listening to the morning announcements and anticipating the work that is going to be dumped on them throughout the day, the last thing students want to hear is The Who or The Grateful Dead blaring through the speakers as they head off to class.

How are we going to promote ourselves as a shining beacon of academia if we are going to do things that lower our image as a school? In order to fix these things, I suggest we take a step back and think things through first.