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HBO has captured the essence of the video game in its series adaptation.

HBO nails The Last of Us in amazing fashion

By Tuesday Benander, Editor March 2, 2023

When people think of video games they often drum up visions of Super Mario or Fortnite, games with broad consumer appeal. But there’s a whole world of video games, unexplored by many, where rich characters...

The Northman is director Robert Eggers third feature.

The Northman is brutal, striking, and compelling

By Nico Solimine, Staff writer May 18, 2022

The Northman is the new and third film by acclaimed director Robert Eggers. His first two features, The Witch (2015) and The Lighthouse (2019), were both extensively researched horror period pieces. Eggers...

The latest Caped Crusader film is a near-three-hour epic featuring a younger, tortured title character.

The Batman introduces a ‘living’ Gotham filled with complex characters

By Owen Mahoney, Features editor April 26, 2022

Within the first few minutes of director Matt Reeves’ The Batman, a single sentence  spoken by the titular character is able to strike fear in the audience: “They think I’m hiding in the shadows,...

The new installment fails to realize its intended purpose.

The new Scream lacks a reason to exist

By Owen Mahoney, Features editor February 17, 2022

The consistently self-referential and satirical Scream series has already ended twice by its own rules, with the third film parodying the finale of slasher trilogies and the fourth mocking the tropes of...

Netflixs Red Notice does not deliver on expectations.

Red Notice is a grand waste of time and money

By Nico Solimine, Staff writer January 5, 2022

Red Notice begins with footage from a fake documentary about the three large golden eggs of Cleopatra. What follows is a two-hour movie that does not feel like it was made by a human being and somehow...

Steven Spielbergs remake of the classic musical hits all the right notes.

A West Side Story for a new generation

By Tessa Donohue, Editor January 4, 2022

In a time dominated by cynicism and intense polarization, when informed that there is a remake of West Side Story (1961) on the way, the initial response could reasonably be one of confusion. Why would...

AMSAs first remote play will be followed by a production of Disneys Frozen next month.

School plays done remotely? AMSA gets creative

By Amanda Denney, Staff writer March 25, 2021

The audience sits in a dark auditorium. An announcement over the loudspeaker asks people to silence their cell phones, then the curtain rises and the show begins. Actors stand onstage and fill the space...

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