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A new traffic loop connects the parking lots on campus and allows for a single pattern through the campus.

The same school, but a different traffic pattern

By Maddie Marin, Staff writer January 9, 2024

Because of construction on a new science building and lingering safety concerns for pedestrians on campus, AMSA built a new traffic loop and changed the arrival and dismissal traffic patterns at the start...

AMSAs new science building is slated for use in the fall of 2025.

AMSA’s new science building is coming to life

The nearly $13 million project broke ground in November
By Will Holmes, Staff writer January 8, 2024

CConstruction is in full swing on AMSA's new science building, located between the White Building and the Lower School. After months of waiting, walls have been torn down, rubble has been cleared, and...

A trip to Six Flags New England is one feature of the new senior week.

Senior week forecast: frustration with a chance of satisfaction

By Tara Gorman and Gianna Mann January 24, 2023

The traditional AMSA senior class trip to Disney World was canceled nearly a year ago, leaving many students disappointed and angry. When meetings were called to plan a new trip, students felt hopeful...

AMSA replaced the traditional senior trip to Disney World with a week of day trips.

Why AMSA canceled the annual senior trip to Disney World

By Tuesday Benander and Ashley Correll January 18, 2023

The annual AMSA senior trip to Florida's Disney World in June was a longstanding tradition dating to the school's early graduating classes, although through the years there was an underlying problem --...

Nuclear fusion replicates the energy process of the sun itself.

Is science on the cusp of conquering nuclear fusion as a source of energy?

By Patrick Brandt, Photo editor April 24, 2022

In early February, scientists at the U.K. JET Laboratory made major strides toward a goal of achieving nuclear fusion as a plausible source of energy. The process is how the sun itself operates, as hydrogen...

Striking the proper balance with electives is a perennial problem at AMSA.

How can AMSA consistently offer the right electives for its student body?

By Erin Butler, Staff writer March 24, 2022

At AMSA, electives are one of the best ways to broaden knowledge beyond core classes, but students constantly run into the problem of options disappearing after a year or two because of low enrollment,...

A shortage of bus drivers, exacerbated by the Covid pandemic, has led to a pattern of late buses at the end of the school day.

The story behind all those late buses in the afternoon

By Owen Mahoney, Features editor March 8, 2022

The entire AMSA community has grown used to the end-of-day routine, coming over the loudspeaker in the waning moments of eighth period: “Please excuse the interruption, but we have a few late buses.” In...

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