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Steven Richardson

Steven Richardson is a sophomore and he has attended AMSA since the 6th grade. Steven is the resident cartoonist for The AMSA Voice. He has always had an interest in the art of cartooning and grew up reading cartoons from artists such as Bill Watterson, Bob Mankoff, Charles Addams, and Walt Kelly. He has recently started submitting cartoons to various magazines and hopes to get published in one of them very soon.

When Steven is not drawing cartoons he is playing drums for the rock band The Fifth Estate. They plan on recording their first E.P. this summer. He also is a collector of vinyl records and his favorite bands include Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Television, and Black Flag.  In addition to drawing and playing music, Steven also plays midfield for AMSA’s varsity lacrosse team.

Steven will continue to draw funny cartoons for The AMSA Voice and will continue to keep people laughing for a long time to come.

Steven Richardson, Cartoonist

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Steven Richardson