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After a year of remote learning, students are still missing costly class time because of the Covid pandemic.

Covid infections may be down, but the overall cost to learning remains high

By Nico Solimine, Staff writer May 4, 2022

On Dec. 4, 2021, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced that the first case of the coronavirus omicron variant had been found in the commonwealth, specifically in Middlesex County (where...

Luba Shmidts son, Mark Kagan (left), attended a rally in support of Ukraine in Boston last month.

The conflict in Ukraine is all too real for AMSA math teachers

Q&A with Luba Shmidt and Anna Makovoz
By Tessa Donohue, Editor March 9, 2022

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is more than 4,000 miles away, beyond an ocean and across the vastness of a continent. When people are not forced to deal directly with difficult issues of humanity,...

Nurse Maureen Searl and her colleagues were testing up to 60 students and staff every morning at the height of the Omicron spike.

AMSA nurses are on the frontline of the Covid battle

By Philippos Paschalides, A&E editor February 28, 2022

At the start of this month, when AMSA shifted Covid testing from on site to at home, the school's nurses were finally able to take a breath. During the first five months of the school year, AMSA nurses...

The writer with writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber at the Red Notice premiere in Los Angeles.

A magical night among the stars

AMSA student lives the dream of being on the Red Carpet
By Tuesday Benander, Staff writer January 5, 2022

In November, I found myself only 10 feet away from three of the biggest movie stars on the planet. On my left, Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, walking the Red Carpet; in front of me, Dwayne “The Rock”...

Students are expected to attend virtual classes and do remote work, but its often not easy.

The ups and downs of ‘remote learning’

The dynamic too often causes a lack of energy and focus
By Nishi Kapoor, Staff writer April 27, 2020

With school swiftly moving from traditional classrooms to the internet, the “virtual education” experience has been an interesting adjustment for everyone, to say the least.  Due to the COVID-19...

Samantha Perlman, 24, is Marlboroughs youngest-ever Councilor-at-Large.

Want to make a difference? Just do it.

Samantha Perlman is Marlborough's rising political star
By Daniel Temmallo, A & E editor March 9, 2020

Two years ago, a Massachusetts state representative struck up a conversation with Samantha Perlman, a recent graduate of Emory University in Atlanta. She was enthusiastically advancing a bill to expand...

Executive Director Dr. Anders Lewis and Principal Ellen Linzey have let their rivalry strengthen their friendship.

A rivalry that forges connections instead of divisions

Even Red Sox fans and Yankees fans can be friends
By Kimsoo Gopnik, Photo editor December 3, 2018

Imagine walking into school one day after staying up late to watch the Red Sox win and hearing the familiar voice of Neil Diamond blasting over the loudspeaker singing “Sweet Caroline.” Imagine also...

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