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Students are expected to attend virtual classes and do remote work, but its often not easy.

The ups and downs of ‘remote learning’

The dynamic too often causes a lack of energy and focus
By Nishi Kapoor, Staff writer April 27, 2020

With school swiftly moving from traditional classrooms to the internet, the “virtual education” experience has been an interesting adjustment for everyone, to say the least.  Due to the COVID-19...

Samantha Perlman, 24, is Marlboroughs youngest-ever Councilor-at-Large.

Want to make a difference? Just do it.

Samantha Perlman is Marlborough's rising political star
By Daniel Temmallo, A & E editor March 9, 2020

Two years ago, a Massachusetts state representative struck up a conversation with Samantha Perlman, a recent graduate of Emory University in Atlanta. She was enthusiastically advancing a bill to expand...

Executive Director Dr. Anders Lewis and Principal Ellen Linzey have let their rivalry strengthen their friendship.

A rivalry that forges connections instead of divisions

Even Red Sox fans and Yankees fans can be friends
By Kimsoo Gopnik, Photo editor December 3, 2018

Imagine walking into school one day after staying up late to watch the Red Sox win and hearing the familiar voice of Neil Diamond blasting over the loudspeaker singing “Sweet Caroline.” Imagine also...

AMSAs Class of 2020 gathered outside of Ft. McHenry in Maryland.

Gaining perspective: How a field trip has led to realizations

By Arthur Pimentel, Staff writer June 7, 2018

Three months ago, I went on a trip to Washington, D.C., with the rest of the sophomores for a jam-packed week filled with exciting visits to important monuments and museums. I’ve had a lot of time to...

Jesse Lacouture, as a former addict, offers hope to those trying to recover from substance abuse.

One man’s journey from the hell of addiction to a life renewed

By Richard Chang, Features editor May 23, 2018

When somebody wakes up in the morning, they eventually climb out of bed, brush their teeth, and go to work or school. Most people do not use any prescription medications unless they are injured. A majority...

Physical education teacher Megan Turner has embraced social media in her teaching.

School staff and students walk the social media tightrope

By Emma Cohen, Co-editor January 20, 2018

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 71 percent of teens use more than one social media site, and 94 percent of those who access the internet on their phone do so daily. If...

The medical community is concerned over the connection between football and head trauma.

Why now for an AMSA football program?

By Kate Longinova, Senior writer January 11, 2018

Autumn saw the start of AMSA’s cooperative football program with Maynard High School and the completion of its first season, the realization of a decade-long quest for many in the AMSA community who...

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