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Inga Safina

Inga Safina, Arts editor

Inga, a senior, has her mind set on the future. The past six years at AMSA have been quite the adventure, preparing her for what is to come. It is her first year as a writer for The AMSA Voice, and she is excited for her public writing debut. A year ago Inga could never have seen herself in a journalism class, but due to a lucky scheduling error she was blessed with this new opportunity.

Inga is an immigrant from Russia, and plans on continuing her travels beyond the United States. Her early life consisted of constantly moving and never staying in once place for too long, until she settled in Marlborough. Inga has a huge passion for English and writing, as well as computer science, art, and psychology. She plans on excelling in all these subjects and pursuing a career of video game design or animation. Outside of school, Inga enjoys skiing, browsing the internet, photography, gaming, and traveling. She is up for any adventure at any given time.

While she may not be the most athletic student out there, Inga has overcome this flaw by immersing herself in Asian culture and dance. Ever since 5th grade, Inga has shown interest in Asia, and aside from speaking fluent English and Russian, Inga is learning Japanese and Korean, as well as French.

She also has taught herself choreography to “K-Pop” and is planning to join a dance team in college. This interest in Asia will hopefully help her fulfill a lifelong dream, which is to live in Japan.

Inga is excited for her last year at AMSA, and hopes to be a positive addition to The AMSA Voice.

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Inga Safina