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Yahritzaliz Ortiz-Zayas

Yahritzaliz Ortiz-Zayas, Staff writer

Yahritzaliz is a senior. She usually spends her time at home reading books she buys or that are given to her. She also loves spending time with her volleyball team on and off the court. She often listens to music at home and at school (especially when teachers give her permission during school).

Any dog with wrinkles is her favorite. She currently shares a room with her best pal Jake (who also happens to be her pug). She tends to have white dog hairs all over her dark clothing due to her pug shedding everywhere.

She doesn’t know what she wants to pursue in college so she’s open to exploring all options, including communication, such as journalism, or other fields of interests in the liberal arts. In the end, she knows she wants to spend her life helping people in one way or another.

Hopefully, she can visit her hometown in Puerto Rico and help her family and their neighbors in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria before she starts college in the fall.

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Yahritzaliz Ortiz-Zayas