With Stephen Balcher, senior


Five off-beat questions and answers with administrators, faculty, and students.

With Stephen Balcher, senior


1. What would you try to cure if you invented a medicine for any ailment?

The flu that’s going around the United States, so nobody would need to take sick days off from school or work.


2. If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

Cauliflower at the grocery store. Nobody eats cauliflower, so I would have no fear of being eaten.


3. You and your best friend are being chased by a bear. How does the situation play out?

I let my best friend get attacked and run to safety and find help. I know how to escape in that type of situation from skills I learned being a Boy Scout. Plus, I run much faster than my best friend.


4. What is your favorite card in a standard deck?

Ace of spades, it rules the deck most games you play. To me, it looks like a shield, a symbol of strength.


5. You are a tree with the option on where to be planted. Where in the world would make you most happy to be placed?

In the White Mountains, because that’s where people like to hike. I’d be about halfway up the mountain, hopefully to see humans enjoying their time or overcoming the hard climb.