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Richard Chang

Richard Chang, Features editor

Richard Chang is a senior who has been at AMSA since 6th grade. He is interested in
pursuing English and journalism in college. He lives with his parents, younger brother, and pet
basset hound in Marlborough. He is known as quiet and polite, but observant and supportive of
others. To Richard, the greatest quality a person may possess is maturity.

Currently, Richard fills his free time with keeping in touch with family, volunteering at
the local food pantry, and writing short stories. He writes, despite difficulties comprehending
writing early in his academic career. He listens to classic hip hop and baroque music, finding
that there are virtues in both. Richard hopes to move on to college and adult life being
able to continue story writing.

Since middle school, after dealing with bullying and racism, Richard wanted to record
both the tragic and happy moments within everyday people. These experiences helped shape
him into somebody dedicated to helping the people around him get through any bad situation.
He believes that the human mindset is molded through tears and laughs with those who are close.
Richard tries to gain the points of view of both the heroes and the villains of the story to see what
truly happened within a conflict and how to avoid problems in the future. The want of getting
every side of the story dating back to when he was trapped in a place of cruelty and trauma made
Richard consider a future in journalism as a way to fuel his writing passion.

He is fond of the George Washington quotation, “Let your countenance be pleasant, but in serious matters somewhat grave.”

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Richard Chang